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A direct line to immediate and honest feedback from 
your customers.

So you can work smarter, boost sales and grow your business.

Most of the world will make decisions by either guessing or using their gut. They will be either lucky or wrong.” – Suhail Doshi


Customer voice in lights
Build a better business by hearing the truth in every 
customer voice

You know that to truly compete in the new world, you need to listen to - and learn from your customers. 

The genuine majority, not the vocal
online minority.

TableTiger enables you to capture meaningful, actionable customer data and share it with your team.


The insights you gain will allow you to identify problems before they
become costs. 
You will gain valuable insights to quickly implement the right changes to continually improve and grow your business.

Companies that excel at the customer experience grow revenues 4-8% above their market. Bain and Co

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Be in the driving seat when it comes to online review sites

It is easy to lose control of your 
brand online or waste precious management time responding to a tiny minority of your customers.  

TableTiger ensures that your happiest customers are reviewing you online. In the process, you create a deeper connection and more loyal customers. 

If things do go wrong, TableTiger arms you and your team to turn an unhappy customer around before anything negative hits a public forum.


You will climb the online ranks, and  your sales will follow suit.


1* difference in a public review results in a 10% difference in revenue.   

Harvard Business Review
Make paying the bill easier - for you and your customers

Taking payment is frustrating. Your customers often have to wait for their bill, and your staff get tied up which prevents them from adding value to your guests' experience.

TableTiger allows your customers to pay at the table without downloading an app or needing your staff.

They can split the bill within their group and select the items they had, easily sharing the cost of a single item like a bottle of wine. They can calculate the tip and even play roulette to see who picks up the tab.


And whilst they are engaged with the payment device, they get the chance to voice their opinion and you capture critical data for your business.



TableTiger achieves high levels of customer engagement, delivering significant and actionable data to decision-makers.

Interacting with your customers as part of the bill payment process enables a deep and valuable connection.

TableTiger makes paying the bill fun!

Customers can select items and split their bill with friends, calculate a tip and 'Spin The Wheel' to see who picks up the tab.

The flow to a simple, speedy survey gives your customers a voice and lets them know that you value their feelings.

Your business benefits from authentic information from the people that matter most.

The TableTiger dashboard allows you to filter the data many ways. Trends will highlight training opportunities, identify issues before they become costs and you will increase your marketing database. 

how it works


50 seconds



customer surveys collated over 
5 years
average time
to answer the survey
of total customers complete the survey
of customers who leave feedback are happy to give their email address for future contact

who is it for?

A service bell in a hotel_edited.jpg


Capture and learn from valuable feedback at the point of check-out



Grow business, connect with customers and continually improve the product



Gather valuable feedback from customers before they leave the salon



Learn from immediate, honest customer feelings when the experience is still fresh - in the mind and body

Ideal for hospitality, TableTiger is also suitable for any business taking 
payment after providing a service.


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